Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Holy cow... is anyone out there? so i havent posted in 2 years.. whats the big deal?? Well... if you recall, we just moved, we were in the process of remodeling.. and we got pregnant.. WEll i had that baby.. Parker Kevin Clark... Named after our beloved friend Kevin Housley. And well we are still doing stuff to the house.. I have a 21 month old and a 3 1/2 year old... so i still dont have alot of time. And in there somewhere i work full time.. in and outside the home!! Summer is in full swing.. we have officially started our fun.. and Parker has started potty training.. i am ready to be out of diapers... So that is my fast and furious update.. i will try to post pics later... If anyone is still out there.. who knows maybe everyone thought i was radio silent.. dead air!! No just dont have the time!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prestons 1 year pics.. finally !!

Is it summer yet?

Wow... So i have not been very good about keeping my Blog updated. I warned you in the beginning that i probably would not be. Where has the time gone.. well let me tell you. As you know we moved into our new house Dec. 13 and began renovations immediately. What we thought were going to be cosmetic changes has turned into a little more than we expected. Thank GOD my husband is handy and thank God his dad is a home builder!!! Tim is so talented and his talents have been put to the test. We basically had to redo the master bath.. But it looks great. We put up some really cool Egyptian tile.. OK Tim put it up!! We had most of the house painted with a Faux finish.. it looks COOL!!! I got to paint a RED room.. well a powder room.. Lorri H. would be so proud!! It has a black stain over it.. it is my favorite room in the house!!! We had to have the patio redone because the builder did not put some important flashing under the decking.. and it is upstairs.. that would have been a major problem if it had rained!! We put up shutters on the front of the house. We put in a new front door. Wow... can you say money pit!! 'tim and i jokenly call our house that .. As soon as we save up some more $ we will put up a fence and then our Dogs can come live with us!!! I miss my Lizzie girl and Duke!! And somewhere in all that I got pregnant!!! Where did we find the time and energy!! I am 18 1/2 weeks along. I will find out this week the sex... So we may have a name contest soon!!

Preston is growing like a weed. Can you believe he is 18 months old today!! Yes he will be 23 months when the new baby is here. I think i have no time now!!! He is talking up a store and getting the hang of Time out... He is a great baby!! God knew what i could handle and he is perfect!! He smiles all the time and he has my loud laugh!! I know i have 12 month pics i still have not posted.. I will post them today. I need to get some 18 month made. His 15 month were made at school.

That is another thing. P started school in January. Suga was not feeling well so we had to find different child care. P likes school. He is the oldest in his class. He is also the Class biter!! WEll. some things are just all boy. But he has not biten in a while and 4 times since january is not bad, Right? he is the social chair of the class. he tells everyone hello in the am and goodbye in the PM. He is at our employee daycare at my school district and he is on one the elementary campuses i serve so i get to see him frequently during the week. He loves to socialize and wave like a king in a parade when they go on walks. I think he is the cutest in his class!!

I am working a Chrysalis this summer so i have started my team meetings in san angelo. this is my last chrysalis. I think i will be a little busy for a while. Come september my life will drastically change.. again!!

I will try to do better in the future.. we are looking forward to summer and i am so ready for school to be out!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

it's been how long?

Well i should not be blogging.. i am at work!! SHSHSHHHHHHHH!!!

I have so much to catch you up on. I will try to get it done this weekend. i just wanted to touch base and say we are still here.. Things have been busy and exciting in the clark house the last few..... months...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

BUSY year already

cousin taylor was dressing Preston up in her Beauty Salon chair.

Preston and Uncle Leslie

Preston, MOm and Granny Louise (Preston's Great Grandmother)

Preston and Unlce Russ

Preston, and cousins Taylor and Stetson

Is this a bucket on my head?

My new Buckin' Bull!!

Merry Christmas!!

My own John Deere Tractor!!

Christmas PJ's

well. i know i have not been very good about blogging. I have been a little busy. We bought a house, closed, and moved in a 7 days. I think that could be a record. WE moved into our new home Dec. 12, 2008. We have been doing some "remodeling" and "updating" since we moved in. The house is new.. we are the first to live in it. BUT i needes some upgrades here and there and some paint, which we have not chosen a color yet.. Our wall in the Kitchen looks like Mexico.. It has about 10 different colors on it and we still have not picked a color yet.. I just can't seem to find the right shade or beige, coffee, tan, cotton, etc..

Christmas break flew by. Preston and i had such a great time hanging out.. he is so much fun!! Christmas day i think was more fun for tim and I. Preston had fun tearing the wrapping paper but did not really get it. Next year will be a blast. I almost cried christmas morning when i deleted ALL the picture from my camera.. pictures taken from Halloween to Christmas eve!! i was heart broken... all because i was trying to set the timer on my camera to get a picture of us in our Christmas PJ"s. I am so excited to start new family traditions and carry on old ones. A new tradition we started was Christmas PJ on CHirstmas eve so that on Christmas Morning we are festive. Also, We read the Christmas story from Luke. And Santa left his presents for Preston, unwrapped. I found out that in New York, Santa always wrapped all of Tim's presents when he left them under the tree.... Santa did it texas style in our house!!
We went to my moms house out in West Texas. It was fun. WE got to see all my siblings except my oldest Brother Michael.. He was in Houston. We also got to see my grandmother. We had a good time. Preston likes playing with his cousins Stetson and Taylor. Taylor loves Preston and tries her hardest to dress him up like a doll. I allow some but hey i have a Son not a Sissy!! he he .. actually, tim steps in and calls it.. i think it is funny. I dressed my little brother up like a girl. I think it is a right of passage in any family..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New House

Yea.. we got a house!! it has been a crazy last few weeks. We had been working on getting a particular house since oct. 2.. it has been one thing after another.. The Lord may it very clear to us, after prayer, that that was not the house for us and led us to a different house last week. We made an offer and we close on Friday!! we are moving Saturday.. This is fast yes but it needed to be because Tim leased our barn (current home) and the new tenants move in on Monday!! so it was find a house or be homeless.. THank you Jesus for finding us a house!!! I will have pics up later..

We also finally got our family pics made and P's one year pics made. They are awesome.. My friend Wendy,who has Giggles and Grins photography took them.. i will post some of those later. But you should look at Wendy's blog.. She is so talented!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


P and cousin Taylor

UMMM i think this leaf is good..

green leaves? it is fall!!

This was P's second Halloween but his first to have a costume.. (i did not expect him until after Halloween last year... he came a week early).. He was a Scarecrow... and what a cute one he was...

P is trying to walk... getting closer everyday... He keeps me moving that is for sure...
What a personality he is getting.... he is such a ham!!